El Nino celebrated the close of their successful 1st season at the 5th Element Indian Grill. Quote of the night while taking the team photo:
“WAIT! Dani looks fat!”
– gaby

The superlative award winners were:

MVP: Tony Lopez
Offensive MVP: Robbie Dennis
Defensive MVP: Matt Bristol
Layout Champ: Jeremiah Gardener
Sky King: Edwin Sanchez
Best Throws: Frank Grande
Most Improved: Chris Balch
Best Bro: Prada

Other awards…
Selfie Queen – Stoller
Weirdest Eye Brows – Garcia
Best Hair: Prada
Best Stache: Edwin
Worst Gloves: Anish
Most likely to find curious ways to make you throw up from exertion: Tim Vo
Pod King: Jeremiah
Butt Stuff King: Garcia
Flake King: Sam/Shaun
Best Dad Jokes: Nate
Gossip King: Stoller
Best Calves: Cawley
Best Fashion Sense: T
Most Injured: Garcia